Hi there,
i'm an urban creative and technomadic traveller creating all kind of visual products when moving from place to place meeting new people and learning new things.

Since more than a decade i'm into making flyers, posters, logos, tshirts, websites - basically all the cool stuff you need to promote a fresh and cutting edge business, event or organisation.

I'm also an urban artist with a background in illustration and graffiti art / street art specializing in east asian calligraphy, trying to create an 'east meets west' crossover artform which you might call "calligrafitti" or "neo shodo".

In my spare time i'm producing and djaying some dance music like drum&bass, dubstep and electro-tech, enjoy going clubbing or for some vegan food and a drink.

Enjoy browsing through my short portfolio and if you need some design created for your business please get in touch for a free quote.

As widely accepted and used as fiat money might (still) be these days...
based on a fair 'exchange rate' i'm also happy to accept any kind of alternative payment offers including bitcoins, art money, silver dime cards... your goods and services, accomodation or a lift to my next destination. let's negotiate... :)

Layer.One.Gfx | 2012


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